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Jim Hollis is the Director of Technology and Information Services at Springboard Schools, a school reform consulting and research group in California.

Mr. Hollis is a co-author of Effective Approaches for District Data Use, which is part of "Getting Down to Facts:A Research Project to Inform Solutions to California’s Education Problems". He also works with technology companies such as Apple and Palm to develop data tools for schools that combine best practices with easy user interfaces that encourage teacher collaboration.

Mr. Hollis also authored Resource Allocation Made Easy Databus, CETPA 2005; a paper discussing school resource allocation management.

Former President of Open Urban Spaces, a commercial data tools provider to government and Fortune 500 companies, Mr. Hollis currently provides support and training to schools and coaches across the state of California.

“Bringing the State and Locals Together: Developing Effective Data Systems in California School Districts,” by Ida Oberman, Jim Hollis and Don Dailey, Springboard Schools.


technology in schools, equity, schools of the future, resource allocation, best practices, better standards, ayp, api, achievement gaps and goals